Located in the UAB Health Center in downtown Huntsville, Health Center Pharmacy works with prescribers to provide you fast, accurate prescription services. We are conveniently located in the UAB Regional Medical Center lobby just inside the south entrance.  Pharmacy prescription customers enjoy free parking, fast, and real-time, low-wait prescription fills!



Our pharmacy provides a comprehensive selection of prescription products, which are quickly and accurately filled while you wait. Our expert pharmacists would be happy to recommend an over-the-counter product to meet your needs and help you save time and money.


Our pharmacy is open to the public and is very convenient for our surrounding community.  Parking is always free for our patients.  Our gated parking lot ensures that you will find a convenient parking location to easily access the pharmacy for appointments and refills. Call ahead and we will have your refills ready! You wont have to walk through a crowded store and wait in long lines to get your prescriptions here.


We are a pharmacy team who tries to know you, is your friend and neighbor. We strive to be more than a dispensary, taking the time to understand our customers' needs.  We aren't pretending to be fast and friendly towards in our work.  We are fast and friendly! 


Please take the time to talk with our team about your pharmacy and medication management needs.  We look forward to working with you, as a team, to assist in any way we can.


HCP  has a long history of caring for our patients and our community.  Our name may have changed, but we continue to provide outstanding services. "Pharmacists who go the extra mile" is how we are known throughout the clinic and by our neighbors. We are here to serve you. 


​We quickly communicate with prescribers to solve your problems in a time frame that is convenient to your needs. We have a direct line to prescribers and doctors in the UAB Health Center.  Prescriptions are sent to us electronically and patients can conveniently pick them up on their way out after your appointments.



Our expert pharmacists will help you with all of your diabetic prescription needs. We carry a selection of the most common diabetic supplies. If you are having trouble finding what you need, we can order it and have it for you the next morning. We are growing in this area and are going to expand our services soon to include care management.


Our staff uses the latest technology to provide Medication Therapy Management services to our patients. Have questions about your medications?


Want to know more about how your prescriptions are helping you? Health Center Pharmacy always has pharmacists with extensive experience in managing medication therapy to reduce side effects, improve your health, and even save you money.


Call us to make an appointment 256-534-4533, or just stop by and talk to our pharmacist today. If we notice that your medication therapy can be improved upon, we will call you and let you know!